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The Year 9 Career Taster Program (CTP) provides industry bodies, employers and training providers an opportunity to showcase their industry to engage young people and highlight the current and future occupations and career pathways on offer.

By providing taster opportunities, you help students learn about your industry and its occupations and gives students ‘a taste’ of what they could be working towards for a future career. In addition to feeling great about contributing to a young person’s future, being part of the CTP will also enable you to build networks with your local schools and TAFEs to be part of a program that could shape the next generation of workers in your industry.

We would like to hear about the type of events/experiences you are able to provide. If you have more than one event/experience to provide, you can complete this form as many times as required.

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Please note that by selecting 'Yes' to this question, schools participating in the Year 9 Career Taster Program will be able to contact you directly to discuss your event/experience.

Organisations are responsible for confirming any requirements and/or policies of the school(s) they engage with, and must abide by these requirements and/or policies if they agree to host an event/experience under the Year 9 Career Taster Program.

All information published to the Career Taster Program database is subject to the Department of Training and Workforce Development's Privacy Statement and Disclaimer.

Do you consent to Year 9 Career Taster Program photographs, video/audio footage or quotes you provide to the Department of Training and Workforce being used for promotional purposes by the Government of Western Australia?

Individuals own the copyright to their work, images (photos/video footage), recordings and quotes. If you would like to include such material to accompany your experience, you must include a signed talent release form from each individual depicted, quoted or recorded, before it can be attached to your experience on the Portal. Signed consent forms from participants are required for any organisation to use participants’ images, recordings, quotes or work.

This free customisable consent form allows for use by your organisation and the Government – adapt it or simply add your organisation’s name and logo. Photos/videos can be provided via reply email, following your submission of this form.

Please note, videos can only be linked to the portal if they are hosted on YouTube.

Would you like any further information about the Year 9 Career Taster Program or any support to be able to provide your event/experience? If yes, please provide the name and contact details and someone from the CTP team will get in touch.
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